Writing Reports for Education and Health and Social Care Plans in Northamptonshire

To achieve the best results, the treatment programme designed for your child should be implemented at all times. At Children’s Private Physiotherapy, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, we write and provide physiotherapy reports that define your child’s needs and how they can best be met. They will clearly explain your child’s condition and the impact it can have on their daily life.

These in-depth, jargon-free children’s physiotherapy reports are ideal to provide to schools. The reports give them information regarding the resources and manpower that need to be in place to support your child and ensure they are safe in their environment, participating in the curriculum, and achieving their full potential. The report can be provided well in advance and will be extremely helpful with:

  • Providing the educational establishment with sufficient time to commission the appropriate services, recruit specialist staff, allocate a budget for meeting current and future equipment needs, and make the necessary provisions, some of which might involve classroom adaptations, staff training, environmental risk assessments, and transport arrangements.
  • Providing the therapy and nursing team with an insight into your child’s needs, giving them the time to make provisions for meeting them. The contact details of the various professionals will be detailed so the placement can get in touch with them in case of any queries.
  • Providing the placement therapy team with a clear knowledge of your child’s current level of ability, helping them to plan further treatment. The report will also provide them with information on how the therapy goals can be incorporated into the educational curriculum, so your child is working towards them as much as possible.
  • Preventing your child going through repeat assessments, thus saving a lot of time and preventing duplication. The therapists can use this time to treat your child instead of spending it on reassessments. The report can also be used as a baseline assessment for measuring future progress.
  • Deciding the hours of 1-to-1 support your child will require for achieving educational and therapy goals. The report will provide details on what training needs to take place during the 1-to-1s and how your child should be supported to maintain their competencies. The report will also mention the amount of physiotherapy input your child will benefit from and the frequency with which it needs to be reviewed.
  • Helping you to decide on how best to use personal budgets to meet goals and objectives.

The end result will be that the transition process from home to an educational placement will be faster and better coordinated. The new team will be well-informed, equipped, and empowered to achieve the agreed outcomes.

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