Managing and Perfecting Children’s Posture in Northamptonshire

Postural management is a method of managing optimal body posture in all positions throughout the day, whether you are lying down, sitting, standing, or walking. The aim is to prevent the progression of tightness, maintain as much symmetry as possible, and alleviate any discomfort which could be caused due to abnormal body postures. At Children’s Private Physiotherapy, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, we are vastly experienced in helping improve children’s posture. We use a range of products and equipment to manage posture on a 24-hour basis. Your child’s prescription will depend on their needs and the position in which you are trying to manage posture.

One of our trained professionals checking a childs back.

Making Changes at Any Time

In most cases, sleep systems are used for night time positioning, such as lycra garments, which are a popular solution during the night as well as the day. Support in seating can be provided through specialised seating equipment or customised wheelchairs, while standing frames can be altered to provide varying levels of standing support. There is a wide variety of walking frames available, providing different levels of support for maintaining a symmetrical posture while walking and making it easier and more efficient.

Focusing on Frequency

The frequency of use is just as important as the duration of use when it comes to achieving the treatment goals. This is why we promote 24-hour postural management that takes place on a regular basis. The benefits of a 24-hour approach include:

  • Maintaining body alignment and posture.
  • Helping children experience different postures and movements, such as supported standing and walking.
  • Aiding with body functions, such as swallowing, digestion, and respiratory function.
  • Preventing pressure sores or skin breakdown.
  • Assisting with normal movement patterns.
  • Enhancing participation in activities of daily living.
  • Increasing the efficiency of movement, which means children can engage in activities for a longer duration of time without getting tired.
  • Making it easier for the carers or parents to assist the child in everyday activities.
  • Complementing therapy, maximising its effects.

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