About Children’s Private Physiotherapy

Children’s Private Physiotherapy is run by a paediatric physiotherapist with more than 10 years of experience in managing a wide range of complex conditions. After completing his master’s degree in physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University in 2008, he has opened his own private practice while also working in the NHS.

Why Choose Us?

Our paediatric physiotherapist has an optimistic attitude and is very passionate about his work. He firmly believes in perseverance and always delivering the highest standards of treatment. He is happy to be guided by you, as well as working with you, to help your child reach their desired goal, no matter how complex the issue is. You will be kept informed of your child’s progress as their needs change due to their condition or because of growth.

Our physiotherapist is highly experienced in a wide variety of treatment techniques, including postural management, exercise therapy, serial casting, intensive post-operative rehabilitation, post-botox rehabilitation, orthotic prescription and management, and hydrotherapy. As his patients range from children younger than a week to young adults, he is familiar with problems seen in neonatal years as well as those which are more common during the adolescent growth spurt. This means he is able to foresee future complications in the younger age group and take a proactive approach by intervening early and in a timely manner.

When you work with us, our physiotherapist will jointly set goals with you and immediately modify the treatment plan if there is a delay in achieving them. His expertise in choosing appropriate rehabilitation aids and equipment will contribute towards your child’s progress by maximising their functional abilities and independence in the environment. Additionally, his familiarity with various types of seating systems will contribute towards decision making with both wheelchair services and the amount of support your child has to be provided for sitting optimally. Providing excessive support does not help, as children tend to rely on it and not use their muscles for supporting themselves.

His experience helps him in deciding the stage at which physiotherapy will have to be combined with botox or surgical interventions, saving a lot of time as well as money on rehabilitation which might not be as effective without the surgical procedure. He can also provide regular feedback to the neurologist or neuro-disability paediatricians about the effect of medications such as baclofen and benzhexol, as their dosage needs to be meticulously titrated for them to be maximally effective.

A child receiving treatment.

Making Sessions Enjoyable

Working with children over a number of years has given our physiotherapist the ability to tactfully engage with children in therapy, which has always made them look forward to the sessions. He will work hands on with your child, making therapy fun while simultaneously ensuring they are participating maximally and fully engaged.

Optimising Results with 24/7 Implementation

To achieve the best outcome, therapy has to have a 24/7 approach, meaning it must be incorporated into the child’s day-to-day life. Our physiotherapist will make sure this happens by providing written programmes that are very functional, easy to implement, and can be simply incorporated into your child’s daily routine. You will be trained as well as supervised to make sure they are implemented correctly. Our physiotherapist can also visit the child’s educational setting to train staff on implementing the programmes and to regularly update them on your child’s changing needs. If staff know better, they will do better, which means the programmes will be implemented regularly and properly, thus contributing significantly towards achieving the desired outcomes.

Written Reports

To provide full details of your child's physiotherapy needs, we can write comprehensive reports towards education and health and social care plans. The report will also include recommendations on how your child's needs can be met. Some of the points in the report will cover:

  • Suitability and need for adaptations in the classroom.
  • Experience and training educational staff should have to safely work with your child.
  • The various services your child will need access to.

The report will usually be provided much before your child starts school to give your NHS therapists and the educational establishment plenty of time to make appropriate provisions for meeting your child’s needs.

Your child’s progress is our top priority, and we will make a real difference to their quality of life. By visiting our website, you have taken the first steps towards improving your child’s future … now leave the rest to us and we will do what it takes to get them there.

Professional Registration

  • Health Care Professions Council – PH79179
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapists – 080644
  • Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists – 105820

Contact us now, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, to receive more information about our paediatric physiotherapy treatments.