Filling out Prescriptions for Footwear and Leg Splints in Northamptonshire

To encourage and promote significant improvements with posture and mobility, Children’s Private Physiotherapy carries out thorough analyses of your child’s movement. Based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, we are able to prescribe shoes and leg splints that enforce the optimal standing position and allow for comfortable and efficient movement.

A child wearing a split.


Splints are prescribed to help achieve an optimal standing posture as well as for reducing the difficulty and energy spent on walking. They provide stability; helping to maintain joints in the required alignment for maximising walking ability and functioning in the environment. To make sure they are maximally effective, they need to be finely tuned. This is achieved through the analysis of standing and walking posture (gait analysis) in different planes of movement and working together with the orthotists.

Fine adjustments of splints help the correct muscles to work efficiently, thus enabling your child to walk with less effort and in a more normal pattern. It is vital that you use the right footwear in combination with the splint, as it can enhance or reduce the effectiveness of the splints. As there are different types of splints available, it is crucial that the correct ones are prescribed, because splints have the capability to enhance as well as restrict movement.


As with splints, there are many different types of shoes providing varying levels of support. They are prescribed to provide stability, enhance mobility, prevent the progression of abnormal foot posture, and, in some cases, relieve foot pain. Depending on the condition the wearer has, insoles or inserts are sometimes prescribed instead of footwear. An example of these are arch support insoles, which are used with normal shoes.

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