Receive Advice from a Qualified Paediatric Physiotherapist in Northamptonshire

Although you may have received advice and an assessment from your NHS therapist, we would be happy to offer a second opinion. At Children’s Private Physiotherapy, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, we believe in early prevention and offer physiotherapy advice and screening to identify issues before they deteriorate. In the time that it takes to see your local service, we can speak with your GP about the need for referring your child to a professional for treatment. This means that you will be seen much earlier by the appropriate professionals, having a positive impact on your child, as early diagnosis and intervention can be crucial for some conditions.

A child waiting to see a paediatric physiotherapist.

An Appointment with Us

When you book an appointment with our paediatric physiotherapist, you will be provided with a full exercise programme to start the rehabilitation process. This will cover the time period you are waiting to be seen by your local service. The following conditions can be assessed and advised upon during a single physiotherapy appointment:

  • Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome) – Whether it is isolated or in combination with torticollis (tightness of the neck muscles).
  • Torticollis – The severity of torticollis and whether it’s in isolation or part of a syndrome.
  • Abnormal Curvatures in the Back – Whether they are flexible or fixed and if they are accompanied by abnormalities in other parts of the body.
  • Hip Problems – Hip dislocations, for example.
  • Knee Problems – Structural (deformity of bone) or any musculotendinous issues.
  • Foot Problems – Whether they are flexible (positional talipes) or fixed (structural talipes).
  • Possible Reasons for Limping or Pain While Walking
  • Delayed Gross Motor Skills – Whether there are any pathological causes for the delay and if it’s just one domain (gross motor skills) or global developmental delay (motor, speech, and cognition). We can request your GP to simultaneously refer your child to an occupational therapist or a speech and language therapist, or you can also see them privately.
  • Possible Causes of Muscular Pain – Whether physiotherapy is the right treatment choice at the given point in time.
  • Hypermobility – Whether it’s isolated or part of a syndrome.

Early intervention prevents most of the conditions from progressing, makes treatment more effective, and reduces the amount of time and money spent on future treatment.

Contact us now, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, to find out more about our paediatric physiotherapy advice, screening, and early prevention methods.