Treating Conditions with Hydrotherapy Sessions in Northamptonshire

Using the buoyancy and enabling effects of warm water, our hydrotherapy treatments are great for assisting children with postural or mobility problems. At Children’s Private Physiotherapy, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, we provide hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, to patients in a hydrotherapy pool or shallow swimming pool. The warm water increases the blood supply to the muscles and joints, allowing children to enjoy movement in a different way to moving on land. We will design an exercise programme specifically for your child, working towards achieving their unique functional goals.

A baby receiving hydrotherapy.

What Are the Benefits?

Warm water helps in relaxing the muscles, which aids movement. The therapist will encourage your child to perform movements such as sit to stand, challenge their balance in sitting as well as standing, and, if possible, encourage walking in the pool. Walking in the pool decreases the fear of losing balance or falling.

Exercises which are difficult to perform on land can be performed with the assistance of the buoyancy of water. Water can also be used to resist movement for strengthening muscles. That is why a wide range of assisted, resisted, balance, and motor coordination exercises can be performed in the pool by varying the speed and direction of movement and using swimming accessories such as floats.

The relaxing effect of warm water helps in maintaining joint range of movement and flexibility, which is crucial for sustaining the child’s ability to function in the environment. This also has a positive effect on their body posture. Warm water also increases the blood circulation to the body structures, which helps to relieve post-operative pain and muscle spasms, and regain joint range and muscle strength. Additionally, it aids in regaining the confidence to perform activities on land.

Hydrotherapy also has positive effects on the cardiorespiratory system. It boosts the immune system and helps with digestion. On most occasions, hydrotherapy is provided alongside land-based treatment, as this has the potential to accelerate the rehabilitation process. Some of the conditions which are treated with hydrotherapy include:

  • Developmental Delay
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down's Syndrome
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation 
  • Postural Re-Education

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some children do feel tired after an exercise session. This should, however, get better with time as their stamina improves and they become accustomed to the pool temperature.

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